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Abigail Ellsworth, called Nabby by her father, was born 16 August 1774. She traveled with her father to congress in Philadelphia in 1790 and on 20 October 1794 she was married to Ezekiel Williams of Wethersfield.

Oliver Ellsworth, born 22 October 1776, died 20 May 1778.

Oliver Ellsworth, Jr. was born 27 April 1781. Upon his graduation from Yale in 1799, he accompanied his father to France on a mission to arrange a treaty between the United States of America and France. His health, like his father’s, was impaired by the trip. He tutored at Yale and received an A.M. or Artium Magister (Master’s) degree in 1802. Oliver, Jr. died 4 July 1805.

Martin Ellsworth was born 17 April 1783. He married Sophia Wolcott on 19 October 1807. Martin served as a Major in the War of 1812. He and Sophia moved into his parent’s home upon the death of his mother, Abigail Wolcott Ellsworth in 1818. Martin died 2 November 1857. Sophia died 8 June 1870.

William Ellsworth was born 25 June 1785 and died 24 July 1785.

Frances Ellsworth was called Franny by the family. She was born 31 August 1786 and died 14 March 1868. Franny married Judge Joseph Wood of Stamford, Connecticut on 10 May 1809.

Delia Ellsworth was born 23 July 1789 and died 24 June 1840. She married the Honorable Thomas Scott Williams of Wethersfield and Hartford on 7 January 1812.

Henry and William, twin boys, were born on 10 November 1791. Henry Leavitt Ellsworth married Nancy Allen Goodrich on 22 June 1813. Henry was a lawyer, business man and farming enthusiast who died in 1858. William Wolcott Ellsworth married Emily Schotten Webster, eldest daughter of Noah Webster on 14 September 1813. He was a professor at Trinity College for most of his life, represented Connecticut in the US House of Representatives (1829-1834) and served as Governor of Connecticut between 1838 and 1842. William died 15 January 1868.