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The Ellsworth Memorial Association actively communicates with the descendants of Oliver and Abigail.  Many descendants contact the Homestead and we work with them to schedule tours, help with genealogical research, and discuss Ellsworth family artifacts that may still be in their family collections.  If you would like to contact a member of our team, please email Beth Witham at:   Beth would be delighted to work with you on your Ellsworth connection.

A foundational work in researching Ellsworth descendants is the book, ‘The Ancestors and Descendants of Chief Justice Oliver Ellsworth and His Wife Abigail Wolcott, and the Story of Elmwood, Their Homestead,’ by Donna Holt Siemiatkoski, 1992.  This book was sponsored by The Ellsworth Memorial Association and the Connecticut Daughters of the American Revolution, Inc.  Copies of this book may be purchased by contacting the Homestead.

Abigail and Oliver had nine children, two of whom died in infancy.   The remaining seven children matured into adulthood, although Oliver Jr., died in his early 20’s.   Among them, they had 23 children.  According to Ms. Siematkoski’s work, we know that there are now hundreds of descendants across the United States.

We encourage all descendants – and those who think they may be descendants – to contact The Homestead.  Descendants have also donated Ellsworth memorabilia, confident that the items will be appropriately conserved and researched.  If you are a descendant, or think you might be, we look forward to talking with you!